Campaign Configuration Features

Campaign Types


Greeting Bar

Show Campaign On


Timer (define time)

Entry (timer 0)

Scroll (define %)

Show Campaign On Which Device



Desktop and mobile

Campaign Identification

Campaign Name

Campaign Description

Campaign Additional Parameters

Delivery rate [percent]

Priority (1-5)

Opacity [percent]


  • Dark
  • Bright


On which pages:

  • All pages
  • URL matches
  • URL contains
  • URL not contains

Entry time (UTC)

Entry time (local)

Pages visited:

  • URL matches
  • URL contains
  • URL not contains

Pages not visited:

  • URL contains

Number of previous visits

New/returning visitor

HTML element visible:

  • jQuery selector

HTML element hidden:

  • jQuery selector

HTML element exists:

  • jQuery selector

HTML element not exists:

  • jQuery selector


  • Remember for session
  • Remember forever 

Visit duration

Days of week


  • Matches
  • Contains

Original referrer:

  • Matches
  • Contains



Operating system (OS)

Advanced Rules

Delay to start [sec]

Variable check (JS)

Interval [hours]

Require mouse click

Require key press

Exclude link pages

  • including query string
  • not including query string

Dynamic HTML elements

    Form Campaigns

    Get form data (usually leads):

    • export to CSV file (readable by excel)
    • Send form data to account email
    • Send form data to list of emails 
    • Send form data to same server URL using AJAX post
    • Send form data to any URL using POST

    Send leads to 3rd parties:

    • MailChimp
    • ActiveTrail
    • Pulseem
    • MadMimi
    • V.I. Plus
    • Responder (רב מסר)

    Additional information sent with form data:

    • IP
    • Geo-location data
    • URL form was submitted in
    • Referrer
    • User-defined parameters (optional):
    • Cookies
    • Hidden fields

    After form submit:

    • Close popup
    • Show custom message
    • Redirect to another URL

    A/B And Multi-Variant Testing

    When more than one campaign is allowed to be shown according to rules and priority, only one will be shown randomly. Using the advanced analytics you can leave only the campaigns that better-perform.

    Dynamic Content

    Replace inside the campaign:

    • Texts
    • Links
    • Images

    Replace content in the campaign dynamically from:

    • JavaScript variables
    • Cookies
    • Any element in the same page the campaign is showing on
    • Any element in any other web page

    Campaign Design

    Customize any of the ready-made templates

    Provide your own design

    Template customization:

    • Change texts
    • Change texts' colors
    • Format texts
    • Change background color
    • Change buttons' texts
    • Change buttons' background color
    • Change links
    • Open link in same or other window
    • Change input fields placeholder
    • Set any field to mandatory/optional
    • Show/hide fields
    • Set field validation (optional)
    • Set custom error message to any field
    • Change images
    • Support RTL (Right-To-Left)
    • Change border color

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